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    Don’t You Leave Me!

    The Hoffman Chronicles: Episode 2 Why do my humans always leave me? I love them more than life itself. When we’re together it’s endless snuggles and cuddles and occasional table scraps. My life, nay, OUR life, is impeccable. I know we’re all one big, happy family. Yet they constantly leave me. They always come back, but I just wish that I didn’t have to worry about them coming back in the first place. The world is such a big, scary place that’s full of big, scary noises that are inevitably going to kill us all. The noises, my god, those fucking noises. I used to be more comfortable with them leaving,…

  • David Hoffman. Gay Labrador
    Hoffman Chronicles

    Here and Queer: The Life of a Gay Labrador

    The Hoffman Chronicles: Episode 1 My name is Detective David Hoffman of the Los Angeles Police Department, and I am a homoflexible black lab. For those who aren’t in the know, that means I am mostly gay, but I’m sometimes down for some furry play with what you humans so callously refer to as “a bitch.” I personally don’t vibe with that type of degrading terminology, because this this dog is a feminist king. Now, I know you may be thinking, “Geez, another story about a gay dog? You must be barking mad!” And to that I’d say, (a) your pun game is on point, and (b) queer stories are…

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